Transitionals Morphing One

byBarbara Rosenthal


Digital projection artwork by Barbara Rosenthalwith music excerpted from “Nothing Implied (take one)” by Matthew Lee KnowlesRun time: 10mins. A 10-minute journey through space, as nine of the artist’s Surreal Photos transform into comets and flying, wafting, disintegrating and reintegrating forms. These nine color and black-and-white photos of bizarre, dreamlike locations facades, doorways and staircases from Barbara Rosenthal’s body of Surreal Photos were shot full-frame analog 35mm film in NYC, Montreal, Paris, Finland, Wales, PuertoRico, Berlin, Australia, then each was recreated as Surreal-to-Conceptual, and each pair morphs from Surreal to Conceptual to the next Conceptual to that pair’s Surreal, to the next pair’s Surreal to that one’s Conceptual, etc. As so many of  Rosenthal’s works, the impetus was psychological: in each pair, the original 35mm depicts her somewhat twisted, imbalanced take on life, whereas the Conceptual, in its attempt to square the interior, causes the exterior to distort, and when they transition from one to the other, disintegrate.