Prunx - Iron Dream


Music Video,

In 2017, PrunX presented their music video Iron Dream on the occasion of the German Unification Day. Political events of the last few months clearly show that they are on an important track and songs like Iron Dream are absolutely up to date.

The song 'Iron Dream' was inspired by Norman Spinrad's 1972 novel 'The Iron Dream', which deals with a totalitarian-fascist fantasy world. Therefore, the video was conceptualized with reference to historical events and the current worldwide political situation. The perception that financial capital then as now plays a subtle but dominant role is expressed in the montage of images at the end of the clip.

It combines shots of the song performance by PrunX in the former wheelset tuning workshop of the RAW Franz Stenzer in Berlin-Friedrichshain with historical original material from corresponding periods of the 20th century. The material selected from archive research and shots on location was edited to perfectly fit the song lyrics and musical arrangement in terms of content and rhythm, in order to illustrate the references to current world events by means of a 'journey through time'.

PrunX had their studio from the start in the socio-cultural RAW Kultur L on the area of the former Reichsbahn-Ausbesserungswerk, so they took interest in the local environment, its history and its future development. The choice of this specific location was therefore based on the aesthetics of the historic industrial hall and its planned and meanwhile completed conversion. In this respect, pictures from this shooting have become historical documentation as well.

Special thanks to

Lars Lenski, camera
Stilgar and Tom, concept and postproduction
N. U. Unruh for his performance on metal percussion in the song and the Prelinger Archive for historical material

produced by tRaumstation at RAW Kultur L