Moanu _Dulce DepresiĆ³n

byYugen Yah

Music Video,

MOANU stand for intuitive melodies, compelling grooves and music directly from the heart. Being a child of the vibrant cultural melting pot of Berlin, the band is experimenting with a variety sounds, languages and musical genres, finding inspiration in pop, psychedelic rock and electronica.

This video directed by the talented Yugen Yah is our first attempt to express, not only musically but also visually, how we feel about Berlin. We asked ourselves: what happens when you feel depressed, but the city offers exciting distraction on every corner or even the possibility to dissolve into total anonymity? How can we connect to each other in spite of the masks we wear day and night? And are we still capable to step on the brake, when we realise this might be a ride to nowhere...