Keine Ausgesprochenen Worte

byJens Kraushaar & Eva Tuchscherer

The TV-broadcast of  the documentary-fiction "Not the homosexual is pervert, but the situation he is living" by Rosa von Praunheim was not only for Dieter and Astrid the beginning of a turning point: The upcoming gay-lesbian-movement of the 70ies broke the norms of the heterosociety and opens for them a world that is painful and liberating at the same time. While Astrid fights in the women and lesbian-movement for her rights, Dieter is looking for his space in the fast moving gayscene of Berlin.
The film deals with the ambivalence between uprising and surviving in a heterosexual society, that is reflected in the retrosprective narrations of Astrid and Dieter, and has to be passed through by gays and lesbians up to now.