Half a chicken from the heavens

byMireia Guzmán


While everyone else is watching soccer, 74 years old Mevla W. is fighting to keep her apartment. She lives in 3 rooms in a central neighborhood in Berlin. She has been living here since 1985, and she doesn’t see why she should accept to move to a 2 or even 1 room flat. She has her peace, enjoys life between stylish vases from former Czechoslovakia and elaborate flower arrangements, and when she looks out her window, she sees everything that’s going on in her street. But her landlord has his own interests. With her gripper arm and handwritten letters to all existing Berlin courthouses, Ms. W. tries all she can to avoid losing her environment and moving into a„cage“.

An intimate portrait of a stubborn woman about the difference between jurisdiction and justice, about vengeance and the satisfaction it brings, and about what somebody wishes versus what reality has to offer them.