byEdwin Brienen


"God" explores today’s political confusion, whisteblowers and lost spirituality. It tells the story of a woman, Alice (Eva Dorrepaal), whose boyfriend Engelbert (played by Australian actor Olaf Savage) is hunted by a corrupt political regime after leaking secret government documents. Stuck in a web of intrigue and violent threats, a nun (New Zealand actress Dulcie Smart) confronts Alice with her stubborn dogmatism and shows her a spiritual way out.

"God" was entirely filmed in Berlin. The film was nominated for 'Best Narrative Feature' at the Great Lakes International Film Festival. Edwin Brienen, in German press often called 'the Dutch Fassbinder' produced and directed 15 feature films so far, all independently made. In 2012 he was, along John Waters, main guest at the Lausanne Film Festival in Switzerland. Last April, the prestigious Centrum Filmowe Kraków in Poland showed a retrospective of his films.