Chasing houses

byJustin Time


"If they could talk, I´m sure they would have some real stories to tell"

The experimental road movie enters the contradictory space in between home and mobility. Through the vastness of the US American West, CHASING HOUSES follows mobile homes on their journey from tear down to set up. The dream of unlimited mobility conflicts with the harsh life worlds in late capitalism. Fragmented encounters meet with a former Las Vegas showgirl-turned- real estate agent, a haulier and ardent Tea Party supporter, a desert recluse in his trailer, and long-term snowbird tourists looking for the sun. Against the movie-like backdrop of Monument Valley, a Navajo couple describes the real-life conditions on the reservation. CHASING HOUSES makes palpable the charged relationships between hopes and dead-end prospects, and opens up questions of home, belonging, and the actuality of the American Dream.