The Golden Fleece _Thursday 9th-Friday 10th

by Martyna Koleniec

In the words of Ray Harryhausen, “I was inspired by Willis O’Brien. I don’t know who he was inspired by, I think, Michelangelo...”

the workshop
It’s the hunt of the Golden Fleece according to the fantasy movie „Jason and the Argonauts“ (1963) and as a tribute to our stop motion hero Ray Harryhausen. We’ll bring you on a surrealistic dreamlike experience trip leaded by stop motion animator Martyna Koleniec who is well known for her experimental DIY style. She is having a playfully approach to create an aesthetic and fantastic world of little creatures in her very special narrative way. We’ll use the time of her visit to build characters and a proper set full of dreamy landscapes. And we get lost in stop animation. Beware of sea monsters, giants and dragons! A fantasy dream comes true.

the technique
puppet animation // claymation

the goal
... because we’re crazy 1.11 minutes recovering of the good old times of this antique journey in the new fresh and shiny look created with the unique stop motion style of Martyna Koleniec.


1st Day — 9.2.2017
10:00-11:00 introduction
11:00-13:00 puppet and set building
13:00-14:00 lunch break
13:00-18:00 production of stop motion animation. let the journey begin!
21:00 screening of the results of the 1st day at Boddinale Community Movie Festival at Loophole Berlin

2nd Day — 10.2.2017
10:00-12:00 stop motion animation
12:00-13:00 lunch break
13:00-18:00 stop motion animation
18:00-20:00 finish preview for screening including audio soundtrack
21:00 screening at Boddinale Community Movie Festival at Loophole Berlin

the artists
Martyna Koleniec: “Her style looks like a hallucinatory love child of Tim Burton and Don Hertzfeldt...“ She’s a painter, stop motion animator and filmmaker based in Warsaw, Poland and comes along with a unique DIY mentality. It will be a pleasure to jump into her creative world with the resurrection of the old monsters of Ray Harryhausen. (art) (photos) 
plumose (vimeo)
@plum.ose (instagram, snapchat)

Marcus Grysczok, stop motion passionate artist and director of Boddinale Stop Motion Academy. His favorite playgrounds are artistic music videos and interactive stop motion workshops. His visual products are an organic mixture of chaos and organization, chance and skill, a high standard of sustainable work and a lot of creative freedom. With his good understanding of creating projects in short time and his huge motivation there’s nothing he can’t do. So you don’t have to be afraid of any problem, he will solve it together with you and as a team we finish the project in time with the best fun that’s possible.

the producer
Rosalie Töpfer, she’s the one with the master plan and will guide you through the whole experience. If you have any questions she is your answer. She’s controlling the flow and pulls the strings in the back (and in any other spaces).

100 for two days

how to apply
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