Kurt and The Owl _Saturday 11th

by Stefan Maday

the info
Kurt Kretschmann (2 March 1914 – 20 January 2007) was a German Nature Conservationist and anti-authoritarian pacifist. Most of his professional career took place in the German Democratic Republic where he was known as "Nestor des Naturschutzes in Ostdeutschland" (loosely "East Germany's original Nature Conservationist"). He also designed the Long-eared owl silhouette, originally on a yellow background. Since 1989 it has been adapted and become known across Germany as a symbol identifying conservation areas across the hole country of Germany.

the workshop
Inspired by the symbol of conservation areas, the owl on yellow ground, and dedicated to it’s designer Kurt Kretschmann, we want to celebrate the free spirit of nature. After a lecture about Kretschmann by idealist Stefan Maday, every participant is invited to create his own owl to let it fly through the streets of Berlin and occupy urban windows. On top and as a training, we go outside and jump! Stop motion artist Marcus Grysczok will capture with his camera the highest point of your jump to create the vision of levitation. It’s a surrealistic effect that becomes very exiting if you enter the urban space and create those unique time lapse stop motion sequences. It’s a quite easy and simple way to experience stop motion on your own.
The post-punk band Maschinenbrut will perform their song "Nacht" live for us - we will use the record as soundtrack for our video.

the technique
claymation // urban window animation // live animation

the goal
Let the owl fly through the streets of Berlin and occupy urban windows. The video will be an assemblement of all the stop motion sequences created during the day by all different owl-teams.


10:00-11:00 introduction Stefan Maday
11:00-13:00 building the owl and doing a test animation in studio 13:00-14:00 lunch break
14:00-18:00 urban window animation of all owl in teams
18:00-20:00 finish preview for screening including audio soundtrack
21:00 screening at Boddinale Community Movie Festival at Loophole Berlin

the idealist
Stefan Maday lives in Berlin, loves the nature and self determination. He gets involved with anarcho syndicalistic worker movements and anti-authoritarian hiking clubs. He’s interested in biographies of unadapted and almost forgotten people living the idea of a free society. He comes with a lecture about Kurt Kretschmann and the idea of Nature Conservation in the GDR. In his freetime he plays the guitar in his Post-Punk Band „Maschinenbrut“.

the artist
Marcus Grysczok, stop motion passionate artist and director of the Boddinale Stop Motion Academy. His favorite playgrounds are artistic music videos and interactive stop motion workshops. His visual products are an organic mixture of chaos and organization, chance and skill, a high standard of sustainable work and a lot of creative freedom. With his good understanding of creating projects in short time and his huge motivation there’s nothing he can’t do. So you don’t have to be afraid of any problem, he will solve it together with you and as a team we finish the project in time with the best fun that’s possible.

the producer
Rosalie Töpfer, she’s the one with the master plan and will guide you through the whole experience. If you have any questions she is your answer. She’s controlling the flow and pulls the strings in the back (and in any other spaces).

the soundtrack
Maschinenbrut, Post-Punk Band based in Berlin. They’ll join us with a song about Kurt Kretschmann.

50 for one day

how to apply
Write to stopmotion@boddinale.com

presented by
Boddinale Community Movie Festival
Loophole Berlin
Kino Zukunft
Boddinale Stop Motion Academy