Is It Dead Or Alive? _Sunday 12th

by Sulafa Hijazi and Dirk Markham

the workshop
Is an interactive clay transformation experience guided by visual artistSulafa Hijazi and Dirk Markham, musician and philosopher. It’s all abut the living, the dead and the unborn. We start with a huge clay cube that becomes our object of passion. We have to bring it to life as a performance, and we need your hands to move all that clay without any tools. The workshop will be supported by our dearest friend Dirk Markham, who will do a sampling workshop during the process of transformation. Related to the theme of death we will ask the question why we are afraid of loss. We all have very special thoughts about death and we want to bring our feelings into the clay by pushing it hard with our expressions and fingers. Whatever will happen is the result. In this very personal workshopMarcus Grysczok will be your spontaneous transformer of ideas and will guide the stop motion process together with the head of construction Rosalie Töpfer. Don’t be afraid of the clay, the force will be with you. Together we move it!

the technique
claymation // transformation // morphing

the goal
We want to shoot 1500 pictures of transmorphed clay from a dead cube to an organic living thing. Our thoughts about death will be shared with all the others on a huge paper wall, our talks will be sampled and used as soundtrack and one camera will record the process, to show the people in action. At the end we’ll create a sculpture with the spirit of us all and you will know that we worked around 8 hours to create a symbol of death.


10:00-10:30 introduction Sulafa Hijazi and Dirk Markham
10:30-11:30 brainstorming — bringing your thoughts about death on the paper wall 11:30-13:00 animation test
13:00-14:00 lunch break
14:00-18:00 clay cube transformation
18:00-20:00 finish preview for screening including audio soundtrack
21:00 screening at Boddinale Community Movie Festival at Loophole Berlin

the artists
Sulafa Hijazi was born in Damascus -Syria. She studied at the Adham Ismail center for fine arts, and at the Higher Institute of the dramatic arts in Syria, where she majored in dramatic studies, and at the Städelschule fine art academy in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to her visual art work, she began her professional career at 1997 as a writer and director of animation TV series and other media and films production with a particular focus on children education and social development.

Marcus Grysczok, stop motion passionate artist and director of the Boddinale Stop Motion Academy. His favorite playgrounds are artistic music videos and interactive stop motion workshops. His visual products are an organic mixture of chaos and organization, chance and skill, a high standard of sustainable work and a lot of creative freedom. With his good understanding of creating projects in short time and his huge motivation there’s nothing he can’t do. So you don’t have to be afraid of any problem, he will solve it together with you and as a team we finish the project in time with the best fun that’s possible.

the producer
Rosalie Töpfer, she’s the one with the master plan and will guide you through the whole experience. If you have any questions she is your answer. She’s controlling the flow and pulls the strings in the back (and in any other spaces).

the soundtrack
Dirk Markham grew up in Aboyne, a village in “Royal” Deeside in the north east of Scotland (an hour inland from Aberdeen). Dirk has been making experimental recordings and teaching himself every instrument he can get his hands on since his years studying mental philosophy at Edinburgh University in the late 90s. His music is mainly instrumental although occasionally the odd folk-rock song pops up out of nowhere.

50 for one day
kids and teens are welcome to join for free!

how to apply
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