Creating the drifters _Mon. 13th-Tue.14th-Wed 15th

by Stefano Bessoni

the workshop
We have the great honor to introduce Stefano Bessoni, an Italian filmmaker, illustrator and stop motion animator who is well known for his creepy cute stop motion puppet creations. He comes the long way from Rome to teach you in this intensive 3-days-workshop how to build stop motion puppets. His style is sweet and bizzar at the same time and there is no limit to the imagination: the puppets can be manufactured in a myriad of different ways and with different materials, such as rubber, silicone, foam, paste mouldable curable air, papier mache, clay, wood, rags, pieces of old toys, watch mechanisms, and even organic materials such as bones, mummified tissues, bark, seeds and leaves. The main thing is to design and build them by following the methods that make the puppets suitable to acting and docile among the hands of the animator.
As an inspiration we use a script for a stop motion short film by Jolanda Moletta & Demian Endian that is related to the new EP ‘Drifters‘ by the Italian band SHE OWL. They will join us on the 13th of February to give us an exclusive pre-listening of their new EP and the updated script.

the technique
creative puppet making // test animations

the goal
The goal is to learn how to build puppets from different materials for stop motion animation with the focus on the functionality and the characteristic design. We develop characters that are related to the script of Jolanda Moletta & Demian Endian with the creative visual vision of Stefano Bessoni.


10:00-10:30 introduction Stefano Bessoni 10:30-11:00 introduction She Owl
11:00-12:00 first tests in designing a character 12:00-13:00 lunch break
13:00-18:00 creating puppets
18:00-20:00 finish making of preview for screening at Boddinale
21:00 screening at Boddinale Community Movie Festival at Loophole Berlin

10:00-12:00 puppet making
12:00-13:00 lunch break
13:00-18:00 puppet making
18:00-20:00 finish making of preview for screening at Boddinale
21:00 screening at Boddinale Community Movie Festival at Loophole Berlin

10:00-12:00 puppet making
12:00-13:00 lunch break
13:00-18:00 puppet making plus test shots
18:00-20:00 finish making of preview and test shots for screening at Boddinale 21:00 screening at Boddinale Community Movie Festival at Loophole Berlin

the artists
Stefano Bessoni is one of most distinct visual stylists in Europe and has been hard at work on his independent feature Krokodyle for quite some time now. If he’s not working on his film projects he gives workshops on illustration and stop-motion animation at schools and festivals such as: Ars in Fabula (Macerata, Italy), Giffoni Film Festival (Salerno, Italy), Future Film Festival (Bologna, Italy), Bologna Children’s Book Fair – Expopixel (Bologna, Italy), Fantaspoa (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Estación Diseño (Granada, Spain). The book Stop-motion. La fabbrica delle meraviglie (Stop Motion. The Marvel Factory, 2014), with a preface by Barry J.C. Purves was born out of his long- time experience as a teacher and as a stop-motion animator.
Bessoni recieved 1995 the Fedic "Claudio Pastori" award motivated as follow: "For the consistency of commitment, peculiarity survey, culture and passion expressed through his work in the study of relations between cinema, painting, history, traditions and folk beliefs." In 1998 a personal exhibition has been dedicated to him at the Messina VideoFestival: "Eye of the Cyclops“.
Besides working as a filmmaker and stop-motion animator, Stefano is also active as a teacher, both in Italy and abroad. From 2000 to 2007 he taught direction at the NUCT (Roma Film Academy) in Cinecittà, Rome. From 2010 to 2013 he held lectures at the Griffith Academy in Rome.
Kaspar Toporski "DZIECKA I KROKODYL" (1989)

Marcus Grysczok, stop motion passionate artist and director of the Boddinale Stop Motion Academy. His favorite playgrounds are artistic music videos and interactive stop motion workshops. His visual products are an organic mixture of chaos and organization, chance and skill, a high standard of sustainable work and a lot of creative freedom. With his good understanding of creating projects in short time and his huge motivation there’s nothing he can’t do. So you don’t have to be afraid of any problem, he will solve it together with you and as a team we finish the project in time with the best fun that’s possible.

the producer
Rosalie Töpfer, she’s the one with the master plan and will guide you through the whole experience. If you have any questions she is your answer. She’s controlling the flow and pulls the strings in the back (and in any other spaces).

the soundtrack
She Owl is a dream-folk power duo, brainchild of the italian couple Jolanda Moletta and Demian Endian. The band was born in San Francisco, California in 2013.
Jolanda Moletta, singer and multi-instrumentalist, writes, co-produces and performs her songs with the arranger and multi-instrumentalist Demian Endian.
Since 2013 they published two albums and played over 200 shows all over Europe and the U.S.. She Owl’s songs are inspired by beauty and danger of the natural world, storytelling and a tribal appeal to emotional and primordial elements, from heartbeats to earthquakes, from a spark to the pulse of the stars. A blend of psychedelic, dream pop and powerful drumming.
The music and the performance on stage are intended to enjoy a momentary, intense, tribal experience that engages and inspires the audience. Both Jolanda and Demian sing and play up to five instruments during the live show: electric guitars, drums, on-the-spot drum loops, piano, autoharp, kalimba, indian harmonium, keyboards.

the script
log line
She and Him: they are drifters, escaping the war. Their house is no more, their Country, Familiy, State and whatever that means to them is no more.
the themes: The war, seen as something you can’t hide or run away from, something you have to face, anyway, sooner or later. War is always an inner conflict that turns into an external conflict and viceversa.
the blind: symbolic drifters, living in the wasteland with their hands on their eyes. They decided they saw to much and they don’t want to see anymore.

150 for 3 days
how to apply
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