ANIMATE YOUR LUST (A New View of A Human's Body) _Sun. 19th

by Dorit Agater

Have you ever thought about what your lust looks like when you would put a face to it? 

To visualize your own sexuality, to give it a form, a name, legs and arms, a haircut or a beard? 

Which character is your lust and what kind of different sides does it have?


In our last workshop we discover our own sexuality in a very playful and haptic way by shaping everyone’s lust with modelling clay, by exploring (and exploding!) what happens while putting our hands on it, while giving it a form, a character and story. Together with clay sculptor Dot Dot Dot and Rosalie you are going to get a feeling for expressing your lust and developing a character out of it. Let’s create and knead your own lust until ecstasy - by combining dream & reality, desire & experience. Along with our Master of Disaster Marcus Grysczok you transform your lust frame by frame into a funny, freaky and sensual Pop Stop Motion Animation. 


(btw.: Idea provider of this workshop was the new edition of ‚A New View of a Woman’s Body‘ by Dr. Laura Méritt, an illustrated book which presents clear and detailed descriptions of vaginal and breast self examination as well as the complete anatomy of the clitoris. Read and spread it!)



the technique

claymation // animation table // pixelation // object animation


the goal

We will shape our own lust with modelling clay, giving it a form by creating our sexuality as characters with attitudes, feelings and reactions. In the end we are going to animate our lust-characters hands-on by single-frame-technique. 




10:00-10:30 introduction artists

10:30-11:00 introduction workshop theme

11:00-13:00 drawing, sculpturing lust characters and genitals

13:00-14:00 lunch break

14:00-18:00 creating stop motion animation

18:00-20:00 finish preview for screening including audio soundtrack

22:00 screening at Boddinale Community Movie Festival at Loophole Berlin


the artists

Dorit Agater alias DotDotDot is a puppet maker and sculptor for film and theatre. Her focus lies in the presentation of emotions and expressions, and how they impress and communicate with the human body.


Marcus Grysczok, stop motion passionate artist and director of the Boddinale Stop Motion Academy. His favorite playgrounds are artistic music videos and interactive stop motion workshops. His visual products are an organic mixture of chaos and organization, chance and skill, a high standard of sustainable work and a lot of creative freedom. With his good understanding of creating projects in short time and his huge motivation there’s nothing he can’t do. So you don’t have to be afraid of any problem, he will solve it together with you and as a team we finish the project in time with the best fun that’s possible.



the producer

Rosalie Töpfer, she’s the one with the master plan and will guide you through the whole experience. If you have any questions she is your answer. She’s controlling the flow and pulls the strings in the back (and in any other spaces).



50 for one day - special prices for groups! 


how to apply


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