Sunday Feb 18th 2018

Win Win

by Niina Walter


Bankraub meets Ordnungsamt

The short film win-win is a short excerpt ofthe everyday madness of a big city like Berlin.Weird characters, an over-motivated parking supervisor, and a group of ill-prepared, self-overrating bank robbers meet.Rosalie, the parking supervisor, leads the situation.

With her unrealistic desire to be "Miss Ordnungsamt" she pursues hermerciless hunt for park sinners, the goal of the 1000th parking ticket alwaysin mind.The bank robbers have chosen a small neighborhood bankfor their attack, parkingjust in front of it, in ano-holdarea. When the robbers and Rosalie see each other, a "chase" begins, against time, for fame, for the spoils.

It ends in a showdown/duel, withnone ofthe involved really understanding what is happening.In the end, nobodyreally wins.