Friday Feb 23th 2018

Candy Farm Berlin



Because you can´t say community without Candies, and because Berlin Candies are all the rage.

Boddinale 2018 has the sweetest sponsor there is.

In April 2015, Candy Farm Berlin started producing Candybars, Fruitslices and a Beer Prezel Caramel in the seldom-used kitchen of Kreuzberg’s Fluxbau; last year they moved to a Sonnenallee storefront . 

They manufacture small bars in 14 different flavour combinations (six of which are vegan), all enrobed in dark, fair-trade organic Peruvian chocolate and packaged in cute colourful wrappers. 

Candy Farm Berlin Sonnenallee 70 12045 Berlin 
open from Wednesday to saturday from 4 – 8 pm. 

It s Cady Time Tasting at Boddinale !